A Candle and a Recipe

A Candle and a Recipe

I recently began doing something new with my business.  Whenever someone orders a candle, they get a recipe card to match the candle scent.  This was never part of my business plan.  It was never something I thought of doing before. It just came to me one day.  I really love selling candles and my other items. 

My main goal has always been to get healthy products into people’s homes.  For me, the candles are something that I can look at (I love candles) and use without it harming my family and I want that for others.  What’s more is that the candle scents are special to me.  They all hold something dear to me and as I met more and more people, I realized that the same scents brought memories to them as well.  Blueberry Scone, Sweet Potato Pie, Gingerbread, and more all meant something to my clients. However, I wanted to share more with those who ventured on to my page or met me at a craft fair. So, I started adding recipes.

Now, with each candle order, I also place a recipe card into the box for the client.  Not only am I sharing healthy candles and scents, but I’m also sharing a recipe that serves as a hug and a story to another person. I love food and I love cooking, almost as much as I love candles.  This just seemed like a logical step. As small business owners, we are often flooded with messages about ways to make more money or gain more followers.  Well, here’s my little piece of advice that has nothing to do with money: Share as much of yourself with your clients, through your product. There’s nothing better than sharing talents and hugs through your craft and making someone else’s day.

Happy Friday,

RoK Handmade

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