Happy Holidays and New Year Plans

Happy Holidays and New Year Plans

Hello all. Our store is now on holiday break for the season. What this means is that you can still order items online, but our processing times will be extended.  As everyone heads home for the holidays, we are allowing ourselves some down time; therefore, orders will ship within 5-7 days (minus Christmas Eve and Christmas Day) instead of our normal 2-3 days. But don't worry. In January, our processing times will pick right back up as we jump off our new year.  A new year means that we've got some changes coming and we want to update our customers (and potential new ones).  Believe us, you'll enjoy what's ahead.

Focusing on bestsellers

Over the past three years, we've gotten a chance to experiment with different items, Some products sold really well, while others did not. In the new year, we'll solely focus on increasing our best sellers. We'll continue our small and large seed journals and we'll even increase the amount one can order for wholesale. YAY!


For our candles, we'll continue the 10oz embossed candles, but we are doing away with our 8oz.  Instead, we're adding a 12oz, wooden wick candle to our collection.  We are also adding wickless candles, for customers who want a candle without a flame.  These are great items.  We'll also continue with our Beeswax and Soy blended candles, along with the Unscented Pure Beeswax Candle.

Body Butter

For our body butters, we are bringing back our 4oz sizes and eliminating our 8oz. If we see a demand for 8oz, we'll consider bringing them back, but our customers have let us know that 4oz works well and the body butters go a long way!  No need to mess with what works. 


We'll continue our jewelry collection, but we will only focus on holiday themed bracelets. These seem to be our bestsellers during markets and online, so it only makes sense to keep them going. We'll keep some stone jewelry on the site, but not as much.

New Products

We are also adding two new products: Our Scented Sugar Scrubs and our Caregiver Box. The sugar scrubs have been tested on sensitive skin and they are incredibly nourishing. We'll offer them in a variety of scents, and we have no doubt that they will be a hit.

The Caregiver Box came from making many products (not all sold on our site) for customers who care for others and really don't have time to treat themselves for an extended period of time. This will be a great addition and wonderful gift for someone who is always doing things for other people.  The box will include our Sugar Scrub, Candle, Body Butter, and Seed Journal pack.

If you've seen our social media pages, then you've probably noticed that we make soap. We are not selling the soap on our website. It's simply for our family, but we are happy to share the ingredients and process. Don't forget to register for our virtual workshops on soap and candle making.

Treats for Our Loyal Customers

We also want to do something to show our customers how much we appreciate them, so we are starting an appreciation program. More on that will come in the new year, but we'll start with our customers who have been with us since the beginning.  I encourage you to subscribe to our email list to stay up to date with our shop (we usually send 1-2 emails per month).

Finally, our products will remain simple and made for the entire family. RoK is committed to providing affordable products for sensitive and allergy free households. That's why we're here.  

We hope that you enjoy your holidays and have a happy New Year!

- RoK Handmade

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