How to Balance a Busy Week

How to Balance a Busy Week

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Last week was extremely busy for me, partly on purpose. My family and I are heading on vacation next week, so I tried to cram as many duties into last week as I could. My goal for each vacation is to not have to check my laptop. I want a vacation that is all about enjoying my family and living in the moment. That meant that last week was a bit crazy.

I launched a new candle, fulfilled orders (multiple items for each order), recorded a video for my candle class, responded to potential customers, and still worked my full-time job. Throw in out a visit from my sister and my niece (visiting from another state) and simply trying to keep up with my family and house and you’ll understand why last week was a bit chaotic. Tomorrow is dedicated to getting the house cleaned and prepping dog food for the sitter. That way, we can leave for our vacation with no worries. I’m sure that any and everyone can understand hectic weeks, but this got me thinking about how I was able to make it through without losing my keys or phone (this happens often). So, here we go:

  • Multiple calendars/planners: I have a paper planner, a family planner, and a calendar and planner on my phone. Because my days can get pretty busy, it’s important that I always have access to my organizer. This helps me keep track of my responsibilities and my family’s activities.
  • Family meetings: I have a tendency to do tasks and not ask for help. This got me into the habit of “pushing through.” Family meetings allow me to sit down with everyone, discuss my tasks for the week, and ask for help when I need it (family can do the same). It helps me not keep everything to myself and it’s teaching the kiddos to ask for help.
  • Having a cut off time: Whether the cut off time is 7pm or 12am, it’s important to simply shut everything off and go to bed. If you are working for someone else and running your own business, this is a crucial step.
  • Time tasks: I’ve found that tasks don’t seem so bad when I time them. I now know that it takes 12 minutes to clean the kitchen, instead of an hour. I know that it takes exactly 32 minutes to complete certain products for my store and 3 days for other products. Timing myself and keeping track of those moments lets me know what I can get done in a certain amount of time.

These simple tips allow me to get all of my tasks done and still sleep well at night. For busy professionals, ways to manage our time is crucial for success. I’d love to know what works for you.

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