Virginia Pumpkin Patch Candle

Virginia Pumpkin Patch Candle

It all started about five years ago. My sister and I had toddlers and we wanted to start a tradition with them. Since my sister lived near a pumpkin patch that holds festivals each year, she suggested that we take the kids there. So, we lugged three toddlers, baby bags, snacks, and strollers to a pumpkin patch farm in Virginia. No, we did not think about the acres of hilly land and toddlers trying to run all over the place. We spent six hours there (we had to get our money’s worth) before heading home. The kids had a blast! They ate cotton candy, ran down hills to catch pumpkins, pet animals, toppled over each other in the corn maze. My sister and I had fun as well, but we couldn’t think much about it because our legs ached badly.

Horseback Riding

RoK’s fall candle line just dropped a day early (thanks to late evenings) and there is a memory behind this fall’s candle scents. I plan to share those memories and experiences with you all, starting today. In honor of our Virginia Pumpkin Patch Candle, let me share my family’s annual trip to the pumpkin patch.


As we drove home with three sleepy toddler in the back seat, we could only think of one thing: agreeing to do this again the next year. So each year, we take our children to the pumpkin patch. They are now old enough to run ahead of us, chow down on BBQ sandwiches, hold their own pumpkins, and ride horses. And now, my sister and I just look forward to the next year of our family tradition. Based on that wonderful experience, RoK now has the Virginia Pumpkin Patch Candle available here.

Enjoy and make memories!

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