Why Beeswax?

Why Beeswax?

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At RoK Handmade, we create beeswax candles, as well as beeswax and soy blend candles.  While I enjoy a good soy candle (and I have soy candle companies that I love), I am just too devoted to beeswax.  When I am asked why I have chosen to make beeswax, or mostly beeswax, candles, people are often surprised by my answer. 

Now, I love the common answers because they ring true for me. Yes, beeswax candles have a cleaner burn than some other candles.  Yes, these candles also provide a slower burn so that I (and others) can enjoy the candle longer.  Yes, beeswax candles have a natural honey scent to them (especially the natural gold beeswax). Like others, I love the yellow light that comes from this type of candle.  There are so many reasons to like beeswax and these are just some of them.  However, these reasons (while good) are not my reasons.

I love beeswax because I am emotionally connected to it. Growing up in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, there are two things you get used to seeing:  a Moravian star and a beeswax candle. Touring Old Salem throughout my life, teaching at a college in Winston-Salem, and going to preschool at St. Phillips Moravian Church has instilled the knowledge and love of all things beeswax. If I didn’t have a beeswax candle in my childhood home, then I had an electrical one that looked like the real thing. So for me, beeswax is simply a part of who I am.  How could I not make a candle out of it (and use it in many of my products) and appreciate how it’s created (especially by our fast and furry friends)? 

What item(s) are you connected to?

Happy crafting!

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